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Bring joy to your bathroom or kitchen with this gorgeous hand built mini soap holder that helps you live more sustainably. This piece has been hand shaped out of reclaimed stoneware clay, carved, stamped and fired twice. It's completely unique and glazed in my wonderful blue sherbet colour.
How does this help in the war on waste? Soap is a clever plastic-free alternative for your home when in comes in biodegradable packaging. And the trick to it lasting a long time is by drying it out between uses, like with this cute dish with drainage holes. The soap in the photo is not included.
Size: 8.5cm diameter x 1cm. Please note, this will fit a soap that is roughly 6.5cm (or if your soap is too big, carefully cut it in half with a kitchen knife, store the second half in a dry place till you need it).

Mini hand built soap dish in blue sherbet glaze

  • This product can go in the dishwasher but I would recommend washing it by hand to be on the safe side

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