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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Whether you're a newbie potter who is just starting out, or you're simply interested in the almost-magical process of turning a lump of wet clay into a beautiful handmade mug you're holding, I've got just the guide.

One of the best things ceramics has taught me is greater patience. There is no way in which this process can be hurried. And since we're all so busy rushing around (or, at least, we were pre-Covid), there is a lot to enjoy and learn from a slow process. The reason it can't be rushed, is that you run the risk that as the clay dries it will crack. Even a tiny, imperceptible crack will open up further in the kiln when it's heated to such high temperatures. Adding a handle to your cup creates a place where this greater risk that a crack could occur if it dries at a different rate to the rest of the piece. Another reason why patience is key is the making and attaching of the handle, which I love, since I only usually make four or five mugs at a time.

It's the slowness, and truly tactile skill that's required to create each piece that makes me appreciate each mug that survives the kiln even more, and I hope you'll enjoy yours even more after seeing how it gets from A to B to C to D. And please, shoot me a message if you have any questions, I'd love to try and help :)

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